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Fall Flowers For Farley


Fall Flowers for Farley


The Grey Bruce Pet Hospital knows you’d do whatever is needed to keep your pet happy and healthy. But there are some who face financial challenges, who can’t afford to do what needs to be done when their pets become sick. The Farley Foundation can assist seniors in need and those on the Ontario Disability Support Program by subsidizing the cost of emergency veterinary care. The funding we receive from the Farley Foundation each year is usually gone by May or June and sometimes even sooner. We need your help to help others – please donate to the Farley Foundation today.  Click on the button below and make your contribution until the end of October.

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Turkey 10


Click on the turkey to find out who won our Thanksgiving Dinners to go Kits …  


The Farley Foundation is a registered charity that helps people in need by subsidizing the cost of necessary veterinary care for individuals such as:

  • seniors receiving GIS
  • disabled individuals receiving ODSP or CPP disability
  • women at risk of abuse entering a women’s shelter
  • pets in care facilities for seniors
  • individuals receiving assistance through the Ontario Works program