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Call for Submissions and Winning Entries

Attention writers of Grey and Bruce Counties! The Grey Bruce Pet Hospital is sponsoring a literary competition to support the Farley Foundation, an organization that assists people in need through subsidizing the cost of veterinary care for their four-legged companions. We are looking for short stories that celebrate the human-animal bond and exemplify the mutually beneficial and caring relationship between people and their pets. A collection of the best entries will be published and sold with proceeds going to the Farley Foundation. Award winning cartoonist, Lynn Johnston,  who benevolently loaned one of her most beloved characters, Farley the English Sheep dog to the Foundation, has agreed to write the forward for this book. Multiple submissions are welcome. Successful authors will receive a first edition copy of the anthology and will retain copyright of their work.
Entries must be original and unpublished and not exceed 3000 words.
Submission deadline is June 1, 2017. Please send entries to

An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent within 7 days. If you do not receive an acknowledgement please call our office at 519-376-7387 and leave a message for Dr Debbie Boyd.


We’d to thank everyone for their time and contributions to our writing competition. The stories about the human animal bond were inspiring and heart-warming. We received far more than expected and consequently it has taken longer to deliberate and make our final choices. Thank-you also to our panel of four judges who, with kleenex box in hand, read and had to make the very difficult decision about which stories would make the final selection. Every story contributed is worthy of recognition but unfortunately we are limited by the space and time to get this book published for Farley Fundraising month in October. We may need to consider a second volume in years to come!

AND THE WINNERS ARE (in no particular order)

  1. April Butson –  A Time of Need
  2. Jenny Robinson – A Gem of a Dog
  3. Rhonda Livingston – The Bond
  4. Lee Cardwell – Rookie
  5. Eileen Daikens – Klancy – Our Hero
  6. Shawna Hawton’s daughter – Skeeter
  7. Brian Edward Roblin – Our Little Companion
  8. Brenda Boiteau – Molson
  9. Lois Johnston – Me and Mommy
  10. Carolyn MacDonald – How I was raised by a German Shepherd
  11. Regine Manicom – The Human-Animal Bond
  12. Miriam Sanua – Snickers – The Wonder Dog
  13. Royden McCoag – Valentino
  14. Alan MacLeod – A Soldier’s Best Friend
  15. Taylor Legge – Something Irreversible
  16. Karlee Bishop – Lucky
  17. Roslyn Fortier -Partings
  18. Linda Deveau – They Padded Across My Heart
  19. Lynda Steer – Cats with an English “Meow”
  20. Linda Abram – Pawprints on the Heart
  21. Roberta Docherty – Pets Don’t Die
  22. Beverley Frank – My Camel Can’t Take the Heat
  23. Debbie Rogers – In Memory of Jay Rogers
  24. Lynne Porter – Lucky
  25. Lily Fletcher – Hadley
  26. Clive Prentice – Andrew’s Birthday Party
  27. Kevin Brown – Furry Brother
  28. Georgina White – Frisky – Beagle #1
  29. Donna Curtin – Miss Lindsay Scott


Pawprints on the Heart

Click here to learn more about Pawprints on the Heart!