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Vet Stem

Stem cell treatment is an exciting frontier for small animal practitioners! It offers a dynamic new therapeutic option for owners looking to aid their animals in the treatment of arthritis, tendon or ligament damage, fractures, and other chronic or acute injuries of musculoskeletal origin.

At the Grey Bruce Pet Hospital, Dr. Melissa Boyle combines stem cell treatment with rehabilitation therapy and appropriate medications to ensure the best possible outcome for her patients.

The process begins by harvesting fat from the side of the thorax. This fat is an excellent source of a type of stem cell known as a mesenchymal stem cell. The harvested fat is shipped to a company (Vet-Stem) in San Diego that is able to isolate the mesenchymal stem cells. These cells are then shipped back in 48 hours and are ready for implantation upon arrival. Because each animal donates their own fat to be used for their own treatment, there is very little risk of reactions or rejection.

For further information, please visit Vet-Stem’s website: