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  • PetCancerAwareness

    National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

    Nov 04 2015

    November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month! As awareness and fundraising for cancer in our pets increases, the treatment options and survival stories are also increasing! This just goes to…

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    Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

    Jul 22 2015

    This is a question that is asked to veterinarians time and time again – and unfortunately there is not a straight forward answer!  In this blog, we will reveal the…

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    SAVE TIME & ORDER ONLINE – all the info you’ll need to know about our webstore

    Mar 11 2015

    PICTURE THIS:     You and your furry family member are curled up on the couch, happy as can be. As you are surfing the internet on your computer – you decide…

  • dog and cat and british cat wearing a santa hat

    Top 5 Reasons Tis NOT the season to bring home a new pet

    Dec 09 2014

    Since Christmas is fast approaching – I thought I would share an informative article about pets as Christmas gifts that I found online by Dr. Karen Becker. Gifting a family…

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    Summer Heat – is it really a treat? ; Safety guidelines to keep your pet cool in the hot summer months

    Aug 19 2014

    What is heat stroke? Hyperthermia is defined as a body temperature above the normal range, which is between 38.2-39.5 C. Hyperthermia can be caused by many internal infectious or inflammatory…

  • deadtail

    A Tale of the Tail

    Jun 18 2014

    If you’ve ever gotten back from a day of strenuous exercise or swimming with your canine companion, perhaps you’ve noticed that Fido is no longer wagging his tail. Instead of…

  • Unknown

    Pee-mail; What is your cat trying to tell you?

    Jun 11 2014

    We often get a lot of questions regarding cats having accidents outside the litter box. Unfortunately, this is a common behavioral problem in cats and often leads to frustration for…

  • Unknown

    Black Fly Bites

    Jun 05 2014

    What is a common summertime problem that not only irritates our pets, but also us? If you guessed black flies, then you are spot on. Its officially black fly season…

  • grow-own-mushrooms

    Green Thumb or Green Face?

    Jun 03 2014

    The time to strengthen your green thumb is upon us now that summer has finally arrived. A surprisingly large number of common garden and household plants can be toxic to…

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    Those pestering porcupines!

    May 02 2014

    Spring has finally sprung here in Grey Bruce! Everyone is heading outside to enjoy the sun and warm weather; everyone that is, including the dreaded porcupine. I love porcupines as…